A historic Milanese building will be home to the new néolithique collection presented by SEM during Milano
Design Week 2023. The products showcased are customised and feature natural colour shades.
The idea behind Casa SEM was to find a home for all of the brand’s collections, which thus become the undisputed
protagonists of an elegant and contemporary home.
The desire to explore and use natural materials for the catalogue’s most iconic pieces underlies the special exhibition
layout designed by Motta Architecture for CASA SEM. The handcrafted quality of the production process enhances the
unique raw quality of each item displayed. A range of natural colour shades sets the tone for all the products displayed, thus creating a sensual sequence of objects inside each room.
The concept of customisation has been one of SEM’s distinctive traits from the start. In its projects, the principles of
craftsmanship go hand in hand with increasing demand for bespoke interiors in the residential and hospitality sector alike.
A sequence of adjoining rooms is the perfect backdrop for the new néolithique collection designed by Motta
Architecture, where magnificently elegant simplicity is evoked by exquisite details and the materials used. The first
exhibition room showcases the new furniture collection, a table and chairs featuring prominently sinuous lines that are juxtaposed against sharp-corners and a web of clear-cut lines.
CASA SEM pursues its experimentation through the work of Giuseppina Motta, Hannes Peer, Valentina Cameranesi
Sgroi, Marcante-Testa, Vormen, Giacomo Moor, Elisa Ossino, Zaven and Maya Leroy.
Inside CASA SEM, in dialogue with the products of SEM catalogue, there is a selection of Dedar textiles, lamps by Pietro Russo and a selection of art pieces kindly provided by A+B Gallery and Edoardo Monti.

Via Gerolamo Borgazzi 4, 20122 Milan
Opening event upon invitation Saturday 15 April 2023
Open to the public from Sunday 16 April to Saturday 22 April, 11:00 am-8:00 pm

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