Milano Design Week 2019

SEM for Milano Design Week 2019 presented the Paesaggio Collection, which was born from the collaboration with the designer Hannes Peer, composed of the Nuvola armchair, the Butterfly console and the Petali table lamp. Behind the natural iconography of names, there are hidden elements of furniture with a strong and defined identity, made possible by precise design and material choices.
The SEM 2019 collection is also enriched with the Gomito Collection designed by the young Belgian collective vormen, composed of Edouard Devriendt, Emile Duyck, Leon Duyck and Jochen Schamelhout. Gomito Chair and Gomito Lounge are the names of the armchairs made with a thin and elegant hand-welded steel frame, whose curvature supports the precious leather, folded and sewn to act as a backrest and at the same time as an armrest.

The Simultanea marble collection of vases and trays designed by Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi uses the basic principles of marble processing to transform it into an accord of hard and soft, shrill and deep signs that work by contrast translating into five objects