Milano Design Week 2018

The 2018 Collection is composed by: Pivot collection by Giacomo Moor, Futuraforma collection by studio Marcante- Testa and Check collection by Elisa Ossino.
The new SEM (Spotti Edizioni Milano) brand is previewing three new collections at Milan Design Week, each with a strong but subtle impact, to reflect the identity and future direction of the brand. Giacomo Moor, Marcante-Testa and Elisa Ossino are three different but complementary voices in the creative field, and each has interpreted the same initial idea in their own manner: approaching different areas - project development, industrial process and craftsmanship - in a way that enhances them all.
Designed for mass production, the pieces used by SEM to project its image to the public have all the value and quality of a limited edition. Collaboration with some top craftsmen and workshops has allowed experimentation with a range
of processes and materials removed from the “single code” methods of industry, while still maintaining standards of expertise and respecting functional design. High quality standards have been combined with careful attention to appearance, highlighting the very original approach of all the designers. Although differing in style, the SEM collections all share a focus on new ways of living in the home, the idea of a simple, precise style and the desire to stand the test of time.
The three collections can be admired in the set-up by Elisa Ossino Studio.