Milano Design Week 2022 – SEM at Alcova 2022

In the occasion of Milan Design Week 2022, SEM unveil three new international collaborations with Zaven, Maya Leroy, and Mario Tsai at the spaces of Alcova, in the iconic nuns’ house and the unique e-shaped building of the former military hospital in Baggio.
In particular, the exhibition curated curated by Zaven inhabit and transform one of the charming rooms of the nun’s house in the complex of Alcova. Filled with a heterogeneous multitude of differently shaped objects made with a variety of materials—including wood, glass, leather, and ceramics—the hosting space at Alcova 2022 becomes the realization of “a possible environment in sync,” Zaven says.

Mazha 5.2 Special Edition For SEM is instead presented in the new part of Alcova, the e-shaped building of the former military hospital, where minimalist stainless steel shades, placed outside the luminous tubes, create a soft light and a soft atmosphere.