Mazha 5.2

Mario Tsai

The design collaborations of Mario Tsai Studio are not only limited to product design, but also aim to export solutions with advanced design thinking to clients from different fields with an open mind. The synergy with SEM also stems from this principle, for which he creates Mazha version 5.2 lighting system, a Special Edition, which uses the precise structure of the version 5.0 system as a starting point. The Mazha lighting system is influenced by the structure of traditional Chinese “Mazha chair,” as the name suggests. The Mazha structure is ideal for the designer’s intention of making a lighting system that can be extended indefinitely. The lighting system has resulted in a wide variety of lighting series that may be tailored to different spatial arrangements. Mazha 5.2 was created using the same low-voltage conduction and modularisation concepts as the original Mazha lighting system. The scaffolding system employed in urban building, as well as Mario’s observation of the calm and warm light that comes from the utilization of these architectural systems, served as Mazha 5.2’s structural inspiration. The metal frames that intersect at 90° in three dimensions can be flexibly configured and grow indefinitely, and the luminous tubes join the modular system to create a large installation with a light and transparent structure.