Doodle Series

Maya Leroy

“Doodle” is a rough drawing made absent-mindedly. And this is how Maya Leroy’s project started, from a need to create without having to be too serious about it or overly think things while having fun. Air dry clay has proven to be an ideal medium to work independently and without firing and, funny enough, from this total freedom, Maya created an intriguing and psychedelic series which looks unlimited. Opening up to new collaborations, SEM became fascinated with this form of hand crafting with the aim of developing two special objects—created ad hoc by Maya for the milanese brand—in an unlimited series produced by the artisans of the brand’s net.One of the most interesting phenomena of the moment is, in fact, the way in which hands-on designers can bring innovations in craft ateliers, challenging and updating the existing techniques and materials, or simply questioning them and creating a real dialogue between craftsman and designer that has unexpected results.