Dialogue is the starting point. To question and investigate the issues at stake follows. Then the challenges come. The realization of the need to accept, rather than to defy the risk is next. It opens up to the possibility of creating a space for sharing ideas and experimenting with intuition, for embracing the joyful experience of disagreement and empathizing with other different feelings and viewpoints. The last step is to collaboratively embrace the final choice. This is the general grounding principle on which Zaven’s design approach and methodology are built upon. This is not only one among many other ways to deal with the creative process and generate ideas; concurrently such a process aims at encouraging personal and professional growth and ultimately at offering a common ground on which to construct our coexistence in society. Made in collaboration with SEM – Spotti Edizioni Milano, “In Sync” presents a series of new furniture and light designs, each characterized by the use of a specific material. Displayed to create a dialogue, which simultaneously invokes different forms of metaphoric relationship both between the objects and with the surrounding space, “In Sync” gives Zaven’s critical design approach a tangible form.