Hannes Peer

The 'Paesaggio' collection was born from the collaboration between SEM and the designer Hannes Peer. The collection has been expanded with several new pieces that now complete an entire living and dining room. In the collection there are already iconic pieces such as the 'Nuvola' armchair, a tribute to the great masters of Brazilian modernist design, the 'Butterfly' console with its complex, organic structure and unprecedented shapes and finally 'Petali', the table lamp with abat-jour entirely made in metal with its 8 rotating petals that allow the permeation of light in infinite forms. The 'Butterfly' dining and coffee table, the 'Muir' couch, the 'Nuvola' 3-seater, the 'Alea' chair annd the 'Paysage' chandelier are the newcomers to this unique design collection that is entirely handcrafted in Italy now complete the Living and Dining room of this interior as well as exhibiton project. 
The idea for the 'MUIR' sofa was born during a trip by Hannes Peer to the Northern California coast, specifically during a stay in a typical modernist house overlooking Muir Beach, this rough beach with surf waves and a light like only California knows how to give it during the 'golden hour'. This house inside was entirely clad in Douglas fir Plywood panels and cushions everywhere. The scent and color of the wood and the softness of the cushions gave off a feeling of calm and serenity, of home.
'Alea' is a very particular chair, born from an idea of deconstruction of the basic chair elements, in fact it denotes a structure that clearly separates every single element that make up a chair, from the feet to the seat and to the backrest.
'Paysage' is produced by 6:AM Glassworks, a young and dynamic production company that interfaces between Milan and Murano. It is a sculpture of light and glass and with its organically shaped form it insinuates itself into the exhibition space and developes over a height of 5 meters.